Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bit #10 - Selectively enabling Partial Page Rendering programmatically

You can selectively enable Partial Page Rendering (PPR) programmatically from a backing bean, by calling the AdfFacesContext method addPartialTarget(). To do so, simply bind the target component to the backing bean, get the AdfFacesContext  and call its addPartialTarget() method passing the bound component as a parameter. This will in effect rerender the component. The advantage of calling addPartialTarget() is that it will rerender the component selectively for the specific events that you choose.


    // in the context of the backing bean

    // bind the component to the backing bean
    private RichPanelBox panel;

    public void setPanel(RichPanelBox panel) {
        this.panel = panel;

    public RichPanelBox getPanel() {
        return panel;

    // rerender the component
    private void rerenderComponent() {


Backing Bean


Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle ADF Faces, addPartialTarget

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