Monday, November 22, 2010

Bit #25 - Hiding a View Criteria item based on some condition

You can hide or show a View Criteria item (i.e. a criterion), based on some business logic condition by calling setProperty() on an oracle.jbo.ViewCriteriaItem. The method accepts a ViewCriteriaItemHints parameter indicating the view criteria item property to set - in this case CRITERIA_RENDERED_MODE - and a second ViewCriteriaItemHints parameter indicating the property value - in this case any of the CRITERIA_RENDERED_MODE_BOTH, CRITERIA_RENDERED_MODE_BASIC, CRITERIA_RENDERED_MODE_ADVANCED, CRITERIA_RENDERED_MODE_NEVER, CRITERIA_RENDERED_MODE_DEFAULT. To hide or show a criterion, you will have to look for it by iterating through all the criteria rows and all the criteria items for each row. Once found, call setProperty() to set its render mode. Here is an example helper method that illustrates this case.


     * Hides a view criterion.
     * Example: The following will hide the SourcePolicyNbr criterio if the condition
     *          is true. If the condition is false, it will show the criterio in BOTH basic and
     *          advanced.
     *          hideCriteriaItem("SomeCriteria", "SomeCriteriaItem",
     *             someCondition==true, ViewCriteriaItemHints.CRITERIA_RENDERED_MODE_BOTH);
     * @param viewCriteriaName the view criteria name
     * @param criteriaItemName the criterio name
     * @param condition the HIDE condition
     * @param showHint the SHOW hint
     protected void hideCriteriaItem(String viewCriteriaName,
                                    String criteriaItemName, boolean condition,
                                    String showHint) {
        if (viewCriteriaName != null) {
            ViewCriteria v = this.getViewCriteria(viewCriteriaName);
            if (v != null) {
                boolean found = false;
                while (v.hasNext() && !found) {
                    ViewCriteriaRow vcr = (ViewCriteriaRow);
                    if (vcr != null) {
                        ViewCriteriaItem[] vcis = vcr.getCriteriaItemArray();
                        if (vcis != null && vcis.length > 0) {
                            for (int j = 0; j < vcis.length && !found; j++) {
                                ViewCriteriaItem vci = vcis[j];
                                if (vci != null && criteriaItemName != null &&
                                    criteriaItemName.equals(vci.getName())) {
                                    found = true;
                                                    condition ?
                                                    ViewCriteriaItemHints.CRITERIA_RENDERED_MODE_NEVER :


View Object Implementation Class

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  1. hi,

    thanks for this post. I would like to show a view criteria item if another view criteria item is selected. For instance, if param1 is selected, then param2 and param3 should be shown otherwise param2 and param3 should be hidden. how can I achieve this?



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