Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bit #29 - Dynamically configure ADF trace logs in WebLogic

ADF-specific logging can be dynamically configured in WebLogic via the wlst script. Ensure that you run the wlst script that is located in oracle common directory (and not the one in the WebLogic server home). Then connect to the administration server and use the setLogLevel() command to change the appropriate logger's level. To configure Business Components logs specify oracle.jbo as the logger. Similarly to configure the ADF Controller and ADF Faces logs use the oracle.adf.controller and oracle.adf.faces loggers respectively. For the example below, the ADF application is deployed on ManagedServer1. As mentioned, these changes to the logging configuration can be done at run-time without the need to re-start the server.


connect('weblogic','weblogic1', 't3://')
setLogLevel(target='ManagedServer1', logger='oracle.jbo', level='FINEST')


ADF Faces
ADF Controller


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