Friday, May 6, 2011

Bit #30 - Displaying the current row on an af:table

You can display the current record number as you navigate an af:table by using certain information available on the table's iterator binding, namely the currentRowIndexInRange and rangeStart attributes. The current row can be calculated by the following EL expression: #{bindings.Iterator.rangeStart+bindings.Iterator.currentRowIndexInRange+1}, where Iterator is the table's bound iterator identifier. We add one because the row index is 0-based. You will need to surround the af:table with an af:panelCollection and use one of its facets - I suggest using the secondaryToolbar facet - to add an af:toolbar with an af:outputText inside it. For the current record count to be updated as you navigate the table, you will need to setup a partialTrigger on the af:outputText to the af:table. The example below shows this implementation.


<af:panelcollection ... >
<af:table id="tbl1" ... >

    <f:facet name="secondaryToolbar">
      <af:toolbar id="t1">
        <af:group id="g1">
          <af:outputtext id="ot24" value="#{bindings.Employees1Iterator.rangeStart+bindings.Employees1Iterator.currentRowIndexInRange+1}/#{bindings.Employees1Iterator.estimatedRowCount} records">
                                         visible="#{bindings.Employees1Iterator.currentRow ne null}"
                                         partialTriggers="tbl1 ::qryId1"/>

Here is what the output looks like:


JSF page

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