Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bit #36 - Preventing client UI input during server event processing

To prevent any client UI input during the server processing of an event use the AdfCustomEvent preventUserInput() method in your JavaScript client listener. Calling this method prior to queuing the event will display a glass pane covering the browser window and will prevent further user input until the server event processing is complete. To use this method in a client listener first construct an AdfCustomEvent and and then call preventUserInput() on it before calling queue() to propagate the event to the server. Add custom client and server listeners using the af:clientListener and af:serverListener ADF Faces components as children of the component generating the client event.

To make this a generic implementation, think about providing your own custom queue() JavaScript method that accepts among others a boolean indicator called preventInput to indicate whether client UI input is to be prevented or not during the server event processing. For instance: queue(source,serverListener,params,immediate,ppr,preventInput).

Here is an example client listener demonstrating how to use preventUserInput():


function customClientListener(event)

    // get the event source
    var source = event.getSource();

    // create the event
    var customEvent = new AdfCustomEvent
(source, "customServerListener", {}, true);
    // call preventUserInput() to block UI input

    // send the event to the server


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