Friday, January 6, 2012

Bit #35 - Using client behavior tags with ADF Faces

Partial page rendering (PPR) is supported in ADF Faces through the use of the partialTrigers attribute and the AdfFacesContext addPartialTarget() method (see Bit #10 - Selectively enabling Partial Page Rendering programmatically). PPR however can also be achieved in ADF Faces applications using the JSF 2.0 client behavior API and the use of client behavior tags such as the f:ajax tag. This tag is added as a child tag to an ADF Faces component and allow for the execution of PPR in response to a component client event. The specifications of the f:ajax tag is shown below:

<f:ajax event="..." render="..." execute="..." listener="..." ...

event is a string indicating on which events an Ajax request will be fired,
render is a string indicating the identifiers of the components to render
execute is a string indicating the identifiers of the components to be processed on the server
listener indicates a method to invoke during the Ajax request

Complete documentation on the f:ajax tag can be found here:

Here is an example of how to use the f:ajax tag to achieve PPR of an af:outputText based on a value change event originating from an af:inputText component:


<af:inputText ...
    <f:ajax name="change" render="ot" execute="@this" />
<af:outputText id="ot" ...

The @this value for the execute attribute indicates that only the component that triggered the Ajax request will be processed on the server.


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